Thursday, 11 February 2010

Boiling soils

I don't like wasting my breath about things I dislike. This is a rule. An exception to this rule follows.
Norway used to be in the forefront of the black metal movement. During the previews decade though, norwegian bands tried their best to ridicule any positive reputation they might have in the 90's (see Immortal, Carpathian Forest, Gorgoroth and the rest of the clowns). And yes, I consider the activist days of the early 90's to be a positive thing (albeit a naive one)  in a world full of passive, non living individuals.
The attempt of an ex black metal band, to participate in the eurovision song contest though, is still a first one. Of course Keep of kalessin is not black metal , for many years now. Still the gap between being an ex bm band to being the charlatan in a gay circus, is huge. Fuck those faggots.

 Devote your time to things that matter

The earth is trebling. The seas are boiling. The time is nigh.

The portals to chaos are soon to be opened.

TRI               PTY                                    KON

Until the holiest of times...
Leech - Ten black hymns
Juvenile Baroque Slaughterhouse - To Astonish the Browns
Rotting Christ - Aealo
Mütiilation - Rattenkönig