Saturday, 22 May 2010

Notes by luck

It has taken me more than 19 months but I am now very close to completing the digitization of my music collection. I am all for the physical formats of music media but I am also not so much of a technophobic. MP3s bear the seven plagues of the pharaohs but they are much more practical and easy to be filed. I will always be a fun of tapes and vinyl or even the (once demonized) cd but every record I own is going to be converted to mp3 and stored to my pc.

Furthermore, I believe that music should be listened to as a whole work. That means I always listen to albums as a whole and not to random scattered tracks. Last night my demons payed their respects to me, once more. That means no sleep throughout all night. Wine and smokes were a nice company. I also turned winamp's shuffle on to see what will come out of the random track reproduction from almost three thousand albums. Wine and smokes and music I love but picked and played at random by the machine. I wrote down the tracks that were played. I can hear those 'who the fuck cares' little voices in my head but you can die a horrible death. Besides the vast majority of the visitors of my lair are still leeches looking for downloads. So they will be treated as intruders. In that context it is entertaining to namedrop artists and albums and hope that google will bring them to my claws, hoping to find a download. Sometimes the idea of wasting a lowlifes worthless time is irresistible.

Anyway this is what my faithful computer chose for me...

Foscor - 'Till Water Mirrors Could Not See from Groans To The Guilty
Master's Hammer - Duše Nesmrtelných from Finished demo
The Wizar'd - The Devil In the Woods from Follow the Wizard
Graveland - The Forest Nemeton from Drunemeton demo
The Wounded Kings - The Private Labyrinth from Embrace of the Narrow House
The Vibrators - I Kissed A Girl from Pure Punk
Slough Feg - The Return Of Dr. Universe from Hardworlder
Sunny Baltzi & Santa Fila - Στο αδειο μου πακετο from Jet Lag
Corpus Christii -  The Wanderer from Rising
Altar of Plagues - I am the Offering from Through the cracks of the earth
Umbra Nihil - The Sign Of Death from The Borderland Rituals
Antigama - Nightmare from Warning
Blood of Kingu - Mummu Tiamat from De Occulta Philosophia

Abruptum -  Icendio Fulminis Tecis from Hextum Galaem Zeloq

Miles Davis - Blue in Green from  Kind Of Blue (50th Anniversary Collectors Edition)
Silencer - I shall Lead you shall Follow from Death pierce me
Master Musicians Of Bukkake - Pipestone Octopus With Horseheart from The Visible Sign of the Invisible Order
Bolt Thrower - As The World Burns from For Victory
Matt Elliott - Trying To Explain from Drinking Songs
Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell from Delicate Sound of Thunder 
Danzig - Black Mass from Danzig 777 -  I Luciferi
Ψ.Χ. - Στα χέρια της Μόρας

The arrival of the Morning...finally.
Satanic blesses.