Sunday, 16 May 2010

American hell

USA has always been a land that raised debate considering its black metal bands, their quality and their capability of performing within an art form that needs philosophical, spiritual and cultural depth, that is unlikely to be found in America. My opinion has always been that what matters, is first and foremost the persons that create the music. The geographical origins of the bands can be an abstract and vague index of the factors mentioned above but in no way is a crucial factor that disables or enhances a band's ability to perform great black and death metal. Talent is not in the water or milk one drinks when growing up, while an individual can study wherever in the world he is.

I decided to compile some tracks from bands from the states that I happen to have in my collection and I think are indicative of the quality one can find if he scratches the surface or has the passion to dig a little deeper. My first decision was to stick to totally underground and mainly unknown artists but then I thought that I couldn't leave outside some of the most symbolic bands that shaped or are still shaping the character of today's american black and death metal. Ludicra, Von and Grand Belial's Key could not be left out. 
Dispirit that start the proceedings is the new bm band formed by John Gossard of the legendary Weakling and the even better doom cult The Gault. I opted to begin with Dispirit and Ludicra as they are perfect examples of a sound that is totally america's own. After that, things become more obscure and evil. I had to skip a handful of talented acts as I didn't want the duration to be more than two hours (which is already long enough).
When talking about the underground of art forms that are already underground by their very nature, one has to dig with his bare hands in order to find hidden treasures. Those that are afraid to scratch their fingers should stick to the junk they are being served.

Track list
01.Dispirit - Bitumen Amnii
02. Ludicra - Let Thirst the Soil
03. Acheronian Dirge - Babylon
04. Black Goat - Song of dead souls
05. Bosse de Nage -  Marie Pisses Upon the Count 
06. Castevet - Stones 
07. Fog - The Leech Within
08. Grand Belial's Key - Son Of The Black Ram
09. Ipsisimus -  The First Secret Of Fatima
10. Midnight - All Hail Hell
11. Savnock - I
12. Spiculum Iratus - The Miracle Of Malignity
13. Von - Watain
14. Yamatu - Of Blood and Stone...
15. Imynvokad - Union With The Blood Of The Moon
16. Vpaahsalbrox - The Flesh I have Given You
17. Cult of Daath - Inhuman Sacrifice
18. Tjolgtjar - The Second Key - Mysterion
19. Unholy Goatfucker - Oaken Gallows, Shroud of Snow
20. Sperm of Antichrist - A Pact In Stone And Skin
21. Nocturnal Blood - Masochistic doom