Thursday, 13 May 2010

Sun of the Apocalypse

'Death and the Black Work' was a record of monstrous proportions. Especially the vinyl edition was a complete masterpiece of occult black metal whose greatness is tough to be fully appreciated even until now, eighteen months after its release. Added to the album's charm was the mystery that was caused by the fact that it went clandestine for a long period of time. Several months passed until the mob took notice that there was something truly important happening right under their useless noses.
On the contrary, "Apocalypse Sun' is anticipated by any imbecile that things that understands what is going on in works like Nightbringer's ones. The record is just out and is already uploaded on countless 'blogs', for every beggar to download. Some would say that it is a reward for any talented band, its music to be exposed to wider audiences (even within the underground). I would say that pearls should not be wasted on swines.
Besides the vast majority of the 'fearless trve internet black metal warriors' was raised with the impression that the sun is the 'enemy'. Hopefully Nightbringer's sun will blind every uneducated half human that dares face it.  

The first samples of the record, made available a couple of months ago, were showing that the band chose to follow a different path, to reach the same end. When  I have the record and after the proper study, I will express my opinion. Until then...

...A thousand curses to y'all.