Thursday, 6 May 2010

Playlist for the fiery days (All shall burn)

Killing Joke - Hosannas From The Basement Of Hell

This is, for me, the most important industrial record. Bear in mind that this is nothing more than the opinion of a listener not particularly familiar with the genre. Which means that this is just my favorite industrial record. I chose to write 'important' in the beginning cause it makes me feel exactly this way.
If I cared about the subhumans surrounding me I would advice them to start exploring this kind of music from this album. But I don't care. 

Ascension - With Burning Tongues

I heard the best about this band by people whose taste and instinct in music I trust almost blindly. I'm glad to see that they reaffirmed my trust.
This is the best black metal I heard for the last months. There have been three weeks now, since I got the tape, and it's almost melted after its extended use.
Easily the best new band that has emerged in recent years.

Chaos Invocation - In Bloodline With the Snake

Similar in sound and spirit with Ascension, only just half a step below in quality. I don't like to categorize bands according to their geographical origin but Chaos Invocation come from Germany (like Ascension) and considering a couple of other new and talented bands coming aus Deutschland, it seems that the country is restoring its bond with the dark side.
About time.

Mystérion - The Sacral Chamber 

Third band coming from Germany. A strange case this is indeed. They bear  nothing new in this EP. Everything there is to be found here, has been done before and probably in a better way. Yet the overall result is haunting, appealing and masterfully crafted. They obviously worship in the temple of Watain and other orthodox deities but they do it respectfully.
In a way the three last bands serve to soften my disappointment after the last Ondskapt record. The dark will not run out of servants.

Flames of Hell - Fire and Steel 

This is retro in all senses of the word. They are from Iceland and are a really old band. This LP is from 1987 and is their only release if I am not mistaken.
Thrash/black/heavy metal raw and filthy, a perfect substitute for those who hate Venom (like myself).
The flood of old school imitators and clowns is destroying every last sign of inspiration and freshness. Better go for the real thing.

 Ramesses - Take the Curse   

I loved their debut. This one is even better and this was a tough task to accomplish. Raw and sludgy, sulfurous doom that reeks of graveyard mud. The ones that won't hesitate to dive in it, will be greatly rewarded.

'From beyond the borders of the universe
From the core of your heart
The devil speaks with burning tongues'