Friday, 21 May 2010

Mortuary Drape

The plague of youtube is plaguing the modern digital world. Once in a while though comes a jewel that makes all the junk one will meet on said site seem like trials that have to be passed in order to find the hidden treasure.

One of these rare occasions is an old live concert dating back to 1990, where the extremely important italian godfathers Mortuary Drape are conducting a ceremony that puts to shame today's bands. The relatively few views that appear on the youtube view counter, is but one more proof that the internet black metal kiddies are complete imbeciles, stuck to the usual clowns like Immortal and unworthy of what they are being offered.

The bad quality of the recording adds a totally otherworldly atmosphere to this document that fits the music and the performance reminding me those cult 70's occult themed b-movies, that I love so much. This is a gift to the elders that would appreciate it. The rest can go fuck themselves or listen to Keep of Kalessin.

The dark path is there for the worthy to follow.