Sunday, 2 May 2010

The past is alive, the present dies

This fucking shithole the bad luck has sent me to live in, is in the toughest times of its modern history. 1800 years of unworthy maggots living as parasites on the corpse of an ever dying country, worthless leaders, even more unworthy imbecile followers constitute 99% of today's population of greece. The coming doom was obvious for many years now. But blind and retarded folk cannot see beyond the next minute of its life. Let's see how they'll come out of the ruins.

On the same time the far past of this place manages to come forth in unexpected ways.
Some person decides to dig his property, that happens to be next to my place, in order to build a house. What comes to light is what remained of an ancient cemetery. The archeologists are yet to define the exact age of the findings but the remnants of a woman's body that was possibly murdered (as the skull is fractured) and a couple's skeletons are lying in the open among other findings. The modern leeches have come to destruct their rest.

Then, the people that are supposed to preserve any such findings (and are supposedly scientists) leave the scene as you see it in the pictures I took, covered with nylon shits with stones on the corners and go away for the weekend. The dead have no dignity (so they think) and they can wait. The weekend cannot.

Hate and curses to y'all...
Mystérion - The Sacral Chamber 
Argharus  - Pleistas
Nihil Nocturne - Wahnsinn.Tod.Verrat
Ramesses - Take the Curse
Valborg - Crown of Sorrow
Birushanah - Akai Yami
Rex Mundi - IHVH