Monday, 31 May 2010

Музыкальный коллектив Петра Налича

'I've never been clever, because needed never'
Peter Nalitch could be the joker in the king's court, that speaks truths hidden under irony and and a playful mood  that makes it difficult for the people to notice them.
My first reaction when I first heard his music was similar to my reaction when I first heard the mighty Pongues many moons ago. That is not to say that it is similar in its very nature, but I think that Nalitch is following a path  parallel expressing some similar emotions. Above all those two make me feel the same way when listening to their music and there is an amazing way they can go easily from joyful and festive tunes to melancholic melodies.
I have said before that normally I don't listen to music for fun or to have a good time. Music for me is a tool of manipulation of hidden, primordial instincts. For the rare cases that I listen to music as most of the people do, Peter Nalitch offers more than I would hope to find. There is no classification that would fit this smart russian and his band. Polka, waltz, folk, country, jazz, reggae, easy listening, rock and roll, cabaret, traditional russian music and plenty other styles that I can't remember now, all blend in a clever way that play with the listener in weird ways.
To make it short, this is what I would rather listen to, to have fun when having a drink instead of the z rated imbecile that thinks that discovered thrash metal thirty years after its inception. If you're not the typical metal chimp I would recommend Peter Nalitch for your listening pleasure. Additionally he gives his music for free through his web site.

Finally...yes, Peter Nalitch participated in the circus that is the eurovision song contest and I have no problem with that. Contrary to my opinion on the Gay of Kalessin's attempt to do the same. It may seem strange that I find it ok for an artist I like, to participate in a trash contest while I am negative in the case of a band I always disliked. There are vast differences to the two cases, though. The pretty boys from norway, coming from a seemingly different area did what they had to do in order to fit in. Peter Nalitch was just himself. For the  superficial viewer, that is the normal person that watches such programs,  he wasn't far away from the general climate of the show, although in reality he was oceans apart. That is because he was getting under the weird cloths, no weird hair, nothing extreme in the presentation. Most of the fagots were either bored or didn't notice him. Superficial assholes cannot trace the mockery that is hidden under Nalitch's music surface. On the other hand, had the vikings with the eye liner been there, they would fit in the contest like a glove. Or better like a pantyhose.

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